Nidhi the Santa Claus

Hi folks…..long time since my last blog. I’ve been keeping real busy. So decided to restart my blog now that i have a little time(hehe …….its my study leave now …..that’s why i have time).

Anyway, The 5th of December was Christmas celebration at college. I know its a bit early, but hey …….we do whatever our Principal asks us to do. Anyway, we had to put up a Christmas skit and also take part in a Carol singing competition between the 3 years. Plus ……..i was Santa Claus 🙂 . the skit went pretty well. We had done the Nativity scene and all the events leading to the first Christmas. We had a lot of fun preparing for the play. And a lot of worries as well. But that’s really just a part of the fun.

The carols were simply beautiful. We had in our team my friend Namitha who is a wonderful singer. She trained all the team in singing different carols. Our whole presentation was really fresh. And to no ones surprise we came first.

And finally, my Santa experience. We had the costume brought down from New Zealand, thanks to our teacher Ms. Gladys’ cousin who lives there. It was a wonderful costume and i looked really Santa-ish in it. It was really fun throwing chocolates for everyone and skipping around in boots and shaking Principal’s hand. In all, a nice experience before the ordeal of exams begin.

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Bro has an accident!

My elder brother had very recently learned to drive a two wheeler. He soon started going to college in his vehicle. And thats when disaster struck.

Anyone who’s been to Kochi would tell you that the condition of the roads here is horrible. More so in the rainy season. The roads are full of potholes that become puddles in the rain.My brother came across one such huge pit. He lost control of the vehicle and fell. A few people passing by took him to the hospital. A friend who was staying close by also came and called dad. This happened sometime around 3 p.m. Me and mom came to know of all this only when dad came home at 7 and told us about it. We immediately rushed to the hospital with a few necessary stuff. Bro had broken a ligament in his right leg. His leg was put in traction. The doctor got him to wear a knee brace and said that he could go home.

Its been over 2 weeks since all that happened. My bro has been staying at home all this time. He has started to hobble around using a walking stick. He really gets frustrated at times and starts complaining that he wants to get up and run around. Its hard for all of us too. But, then again, its nice to have him at home and talk to him. 🙂

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A rocking Onam

Onam was on the 27th of September. Onam is to a Malayali what Christmas is to a Christian. It is the time of the year when all the family comes home and has a fun time together.

Though none of my cousins came home this Onam, i had more than enough fun with my friends. Our residents’ association had organized a Pookalam(flower carpet) competition. Along with all the kids staying nearby i decided that we would participate as well. There were 8 of us – Sneha chechi, Priya, Aathira, Abhirami, Trishna, Unni, Amith and myself. Priya’s as well as Aathira’s parents helped us out too. On the 26th we sat up till midnight deciding the design, the colors and of course drawing the design on the floor. We planned to wake up early the next morning and start work on the Pookalam. The Pookalam had to be ready by 10 a.m on the 27th.

Early next morning we started work on the Pookalam. Initially, there were some worries that we wouldn’t finish it on time. Eventually, we did.

And then came the great tragedy. The judges came. They started measuring our Pookalam. The diameter for the Pookalam was supposed to be 100 centimeters. Ours was 101.5 cm. We were disqualified from the event!

We were all very disappointed. All our hard work had come to nothing. There was some consolation in the fact that several other entries were disqualified due to the same reason. I suppose nobody thought they would actually measure the Pookalams.

Anyways, we came to know later on that we had scored 7 1/2 out of 10 points. This was what the first prize winning Pookalam scored as well. But as we were disqualified, we couldn’t have the first prize(a sum of 1001/- rupees). We had to be content with the consolation prize.

But hey! We did have a heck of a time. We were laughing and pulling jokes at each other all the time. We also had a great Onam Sadya(a feast) at home. So, all in all, a great Onam for us to remember.

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Nidhi goes to college.

After months of confusion and speculation, I’ve finally joined St. Teresa’s College, Kochi. I’m doing my Bachelors in Communicative English. Its been something like one and a half months since classes have begun.

St. Teresa’s is a girls college. I have no idea how i will survive in a girls college. I’ll probably forget what a guy looks like in 3 years time. But, then again, lots of guys are always waiting outside the college to take a look at the girls. So i suppose that won’t be a problem 🙂

The course that i am doing is a very popular one. The original strength was supposed to be 35. But it has now become 44 given the high demand for the course. After the completion of this course i can do my MBA or MHR or MSW or M.A Mass communication. I can also do an M.A in Journalism, which is what i would like to do.

This is the college website: 

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Happiness Formula

I found this wonderful “Test your Happiness” page in BBC news site. Along with this i also found a page where people talked about what made them happy. Reading it made me look at my own life with a smile on my face. I found that i have so many reasons to be happy. Here is what makes me happy –

Dancing in the rain: A few days ago we had the first rains of the monsoon. It was raining cats and dogs and i thought it might be a nice idea to go out on the terrace. However, i knew that i had to get dad’s permission if i wanted to go out in the rain. I went to dad to ask in his permission, knowing that he probably wouldn’t let me go. But, guess what! Dad let me go. That was all i needed. I spent about half an hour out there splashing around in the rain in the darkness of the night.

Reading a nice book or watching a good movie is always so much fun. It takes away any stress or tension that you feel and takes you into its own world of heroes and villains.

Making others happy: I know that this sounds like something you read in personality development books and stuff. But, believe me, it works. Making others happy can give you so much of joy in turn. Just a word of complement gives so much happiness to the people around you. Going out of your way to find out so much happiness is worth the effort.

Food: Sometimes you are sitting down in your favourite chair doing nothing and you suddenly feel like it would be nice to drink some mango shake. You can imagine how happy you would feel if somebody brings you some 🙂

Going on stage: I know this sounds crazy. But i can’t really help it. i simply enjoy going on stage and speaking. This is something that would probably scare quite a few people. But i relish an opportunity to speak on stage. Or even just speak, anywhere.

Well, these are a few of the many things that make me happy. Its nice to note down all those things that make you happy. Because it tells you that you are actually happier than you think you are. 🙂

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The 6:45 beetle

 Episode #1

A fine February morning(6:45 a.m) ….Nidhi is sitting in the verandah, in her favourite chair, reading her favourite segment of the newspaper. She is suddenly disturbed by a buzzing sound. Looking around, she spots a beetle(the nice kind…with a round yellow body and black wings). She quietly observes the beetle. The way it goes about its business, unaware of its surroundings, stirs something in Nidhi’s heart. She starts liking it immediately. She soon finishes  reading the paper and goes on with her daily routine.

The next morning, around the same time, Nidhi is again reading the newspaper. And to her surprise, she finds the same beetle buzzing around again. This continues for about one week with Nidhi and the beetle having such meetings  at 6:45 a.m everyday. Nidhi feels for the beetle like only a little kid can feel for such things. She fondly calls the beetle the “6:45 beetle”.

Episode #2 

A fine February evening(around 7:35 p.m). Nidhi is sitting in her favourite chair in the verandah, doing nothing. She is in “that sweet mood when pleasant thoughts bring sad thoughts to the mind”. She is suddenly disturbed by a scraping sound.She tries to locate the source of this faint sound …and she traces it to – a beetle, eating away the wood of her second favourite chair. She curses the beetle with all those curses that a little kid can think of. But being scared of evil beetles that bore holes into chairs, she beats a retreat and goes back into the house.

Episode #3

The next morning, at 6:45 a.m , we find Nidhi sitting in her favourite chair reading the favourite segment of her newspaper. She hears a buzzing sound and looks up to her find her darling beetle. She takes to watching it for a while. And suddenly, she notices the beetle flying over to her second favourite chair…to the hole that the evil beetle had bored yesterday night. She looks on in horror as her beetle goes into the hole and comes out again. With a sinking feeling she realises that her beloved beetle was the one who had bored the hole in the chair. She feels cheated . She felt so letdown that she tells her dad about the beetle and the hole.

That should have been the end of the story for the beetle. But her father, wanting to avoid unnecessary violence simply plugs up the hole with a cloth. A deeply hurt Nidhi looks at the beetle with disgust. The beetle comes again looking for its home …but flies around madly being unable to find it. Nidhi grins in glee. But then, being a sensible little kid, she rushes into the house fearing that the beetle may turn to her for revenge.

End of story.


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Dracula’s Castle for sale.

Bran Castle, Romania

Bran Castle, popularly known as Dracula’s Castle is for sale. The castle acquired the name “Dracula’s Castle” as it is believed(probably a wrong belief) that Vlad Tepes on whom Bram Stoker based his novel “Dracula” lived here.

I’ve always been fascinated by the book “Dracula”. This fascination is largely due to the picture of an eerie castle on the book cover( i strongly doubt whether it was the original Bran Castle….Bran Castle looks more like one from Disneyland). So this news item caught my eye. I would love to buy the Castle for my own. But then i dropped the idea. It doesn’t come very cheap you know. You will have to pay a whopping $75.6 million if you want to buy it. Anyway, I’m saving money from now on so that my great grandchildren may buy it one day. I hope it doesn’t fall into ruins by then.

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