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I'm a 21yr old born and brought up in Kerala, India.

Going home on the wings of the breeze

The wind carries many memories. Here, stranded in a foreign land, away from friends and family; I am reminded of home as I sit in my room and listen to the wind outside. It is the breeze from the mountains, … Continue reading

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J.R.R. Tolkien – The man and the magic

Wolvercote Cemetery, located in a small village in Oxford, is a place of pilgrimage for many. People from various parts of the world flock here to visit the final resting place of J.R.R Tolkien, the author of books like The … Continue reading

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Arterios – the art corridor

When you walk into an art gallery, you expect to see paintings hung on white walls, in rooms with strong lighting and polished marble floors. You will find none of these at Arterios gallery in North Chennai’s Shenoy Nagar. Here, … Continue reading

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In a world where freedom of speech and expression continues to be under threat from various political forces, global Internet giant Google’s decision to stop censoring its Chinese search engine is an event that is to be celebrated. On March … Continue reading

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A day well spent

Hey folks! Spending a day working hard at something you enjoy is a pleasure that you dont get all that often. Specially, now that my college has reopened, days are spent doing nothing but classwork and assignments. So a day … Continue reading

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I’m 18!!!

Hi folks. Hey, I know i broke the promise made in the previous blog the very next day. But then I suppose I can be pardoned on the account that back then i was a minor. But now im 18. … Continue reading

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Study hols are here again!!!

Hello people. I’m back again after a long time. And guess why. Its study hols again 🙂 . Theres something about study hols that gets my creative juices flowing. It is during these days that I have most amount of … Continue reading

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