A day well spent

Hey folks! Spending a day working hard at something you enjoy is a pleasure that you dont get all that often. Specially, now that my college has reopened, days are spent doing nothing but classwork and assignments. So a day of hard, but different and interesting work, comes as a refreshing experience.

I spent all morning at the Civil Station at Kakkanad completing the procedures for getting a learner’s license. I did have to spend a lot of time waiting there. But finally getting the learner’s felt good. In about a months time i will also be taking a test to get my actual license sanctioned. And very soon i will have a 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler license. Then, i can go to college on my scooter and zip around the city.

I rushed home to have lunch and then left for college immediately. My best buddy Nandini was waiting for me there. Our friend Teena is celebrating her birthday on tuesday. We bought a nice jute bag for her. It will be fun on her birthday. We have also begun to write articles for the MetroPlus supplement published by The Hindu newspaper. We had decided to write an article on used books stores in the city. Today, we went around the city checking out used books stores and getting interviews from the storekeepers and customers. Boy, did we have fun! Firstly, we got to check out really cool books at all the stores. Then, we got to tell all the people at the store that we were about to write articles on them. It was nice to see all teh people blushing and rushing to give us more information. Specially the younger girls and guys at the stores were really excited at the prospect of seeing their names in print. It was a fun day altogether so far.

Now i’ve got to go and get the article underway. We will visit a few more stores tomorrow and meet more people. But for now, its work time.


About treasuretrove

I'm a 21yr old born and brought up in Kerala, India.
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  1. how come no blogging for so much time?

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