I’m 18!!!

Hi folks. Hey, I know i broke the promise made in the previous blog the very next day. But then I suppose I can be pardoned on the account that back then i was a minor. But now im 18. So i’ll have to keep my word.

I turned 18 yesterday(which is what i actually wanted to talk about). I live in Kerala where we have a calendar different from the one used worldwide. Of course, the Georgian calendar is used here too. But we also have another malayalam calendar. It is our old form of calendar and though it isn’t used officially, it still finds following all over Kerala, specially among the Hindus. It is following this calendar that we have all our various festivals. So, according to the Georgian calendar i was born on the 17th of February 1990. But according to the malayalam calendar i was born on the vishakham of the month kumbham in the year 1165.  It is very rarely that the malayalam birthday coincides with the Georgian one. So people usually celebrate either one of their birthdays.

But I being the youngest and the most pampered in the family, get to celebrate both these days. The Gregorian one is normally reserved for classmates and other friends. Thats when I celebrate at school, or now, in college. But the malayalam one is celebrated with family. On my Gregorian birthday I have cake and chocolates and stuff. Whereas on my malayalam one, I have traditional sadya with payasam and go to the temple.

Yesterday was my 18th birthday as per the malayalam calendar. I got up early in the morning and went to the devi temple with dad. There we did a pushpanjali(it is an offering of flowers to the deity) and got our neypayasam(which is something like pudding made of boiled rice, jaggery and ghee) offered to the deity. We then get to take it back home. Anything that is offered to the deity is called “prasadam”.  Later on, my mom was to prepare a grand sadya for lunch. A “sadya”  is a traditional malayalee feast with lots of ingredients. A full scale sadya has lots of dishes. However, we couldnt make all that at home. It would just go waste. You need lots of people to eat a huge sadya. The four of us at home couldn’t manage it on our own. But the sadya at home was quite huge considering the number of people who would eat it. Before the sadya begins, you light a lamp and lay a plantain leaf before it(sadyas are usually had on plantain leaves). This is also done as an offering to the gods. The wick of lamp and the leaf have to face the east direction. In a sadya there is a particular position for each dish and a particular combination as well. Yesterdays sadya had 11 dishes excluding the rice. I don’t think there is any need to mention that i could eat very little for supper last night.


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I'm a 21yr old born and brought up in Kerala, India.
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