Nidhi the Santa Claus

Hi folks…..long time since my last blog. I’ve been keeping real busy. So decided to restart my blog now that i have a little time(hehe …….its my study leave now …..that’s why i have time).

Anyway, The 5th of December was Christmas celebration at college. I know its a bit early, but hey …….we do whatever our Principal asks us to do. Anyway, we had to put up a Christmas skit and also take part in a Carol singing competition between the 3 years. Plus ……..i was Santa Claus 🙂 . the skit went pretty well. We had done the Nativity scene and all the events leading to the first Christmas. We had a lot of fun preparing for the play. And a lot of worries as well. But that’s really just a part of the fun.

The carols were simply beautiful. We had in our team my friend Namitha who is a wonderful singer. She trained all the team in singing different carols. Our whole presentation was really fresh. And to no ones surprise we came first.

And finally, my Santa experience. We had the costume brought down from New Zealand, thanks to our teacher Ms. Gladys’ cousin who lives there. It was a wonderful costume and i looked really Santa-ish in it. It was really fun throwing chocolates for everyone and skipping around in boots and shaking Principal’s hand. In all, a nice experience before the ordeal of exams begin.


About treasuretrove

I'm a 21yr old born and brought up in Kerala, India.
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