Bro has an accident!

My elder brother had very recently learned to drive a two wheeler. He soon started going to college in his vehicle. And thats when disaster struck.

Anyone who’s been to Kochi would tell you that the condition of the roads here is horrible. More so in the rainy season. The roads are full of potholes that become puddles in the rain.My brother came across one such huge pit. He lost control of the vehicle and fell. A few people passing by took him to the hospital. A friend who was staying close by also came and called dad. This happened sometime around 3 p.m. Me and mom came to know of all this only when dad came home at 7 and told us about it. We immediately rushed to the hospital with a few necessary stuff. Bro had broken a ligament in his right leg. His leg was put in traction. The doctor got him to wear a knee brace and said that he could go home.

Its been over 2 weeks since all that happened. My bro has been staying at home all this time. He has started to hobble around using a walking stick. He really gets frustrated at times and starts complaining that he wants to get up and run around. Its hard for all of us too. But, then again, its nice to have him at home and talk to him. 🙂


About treasuretrove

I'm a 21yr old born and brought up in Kerala, India.
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