Happiness Formula



I found this wonderful “Test your Happiness” page in BBC news site. Along with this i also found a page where people talked about what made them happy. Reading it made me look at my own life with a smile on my face. I found that i have so many reasons to be happy. Here is what makes me happy –

Dancing in the rain: A few days ago we had the first rains of the monsoon. It was raining cats and dogs and i thought it might be a nice idea to go out on the terrace. However, i knew that i had to get dad’s permission if i wanted to go out in the rain. I went to dad to ask in his permission, knowing that he probably wouldn’t let me go. But, guess what! Dad let me go. That was all i needed. I spent about half an hour out there splashing around in the rain in the darkness of the night.

Reading a nice book or watching a good movie is always so much fun. It takes away any stress or tension that you feel and takes you into its own world of heroes and villains.

Making others happy: I know that this sounds like something you read in personality development books and stuff. But, believe me, it works. Making others happy can give you so much of joy in turn. Just a word of complement gives so much happiness to the people around you. Going out of your way to find out so much happiness is worth the effort.

Food: Sometimes you are sitting down in your favourite chair doing nothing and you suddenly feel like it would be nice to drink some mango shake. You can imagine how happy you would feel if somebody brings you some 🙂

Going on stage: I know this sounds crazy. But i can’t really help it. i simply enjoy going on stage and speaking. This is something that would probably scare quite a few people. But i relish an opportunity to speak on stage. Or even just speak, anywhere.

Well, these are a few of the many things that make me happy. Its nice to note down all those things that make you happy. Because it tells you that you are actually happier than you think you are. 🙂


About treasuretrove

I'm a 21yr old born and brought up in Kerala, India.
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