The 6:45 beetle

 Episode #1

A fine February morning(6:45 a.m) ….Nidhi is sitting in the verandah, in her favourite chair, reading her favourite segment of the newspaper. She is suddenly disturbed by a buzzing sound. Looking around, she spots a beetle(the nice kind…with a round yellow body and black wings). She quietly observes the beetle. The way it goes about its business, unaware of its surroundings, stirs something in Nidhi’s heart. She starts liking it immediately. She soon finishes  reading the paper and goes on with her daily routine.

The next morning, around the same time, Nidhi is again reading the newspaper. And to her surprise, she finds the same beetle buzzing around again. This continues for about one week with Nidhi and the beetle having such meetings  at 6:45 a.m everyday. Nidhi feels for the beetle like only a little kid can feel for such things. She fondly calls the beetle the “6:45 beetle”.

Episode #2 

A fine February evening(around 7:35 p.m). Nidhi is sitting in her favourite chair in the verandah, doing nothing. She is in “that sweet mood when pleasant thoughts bring sad thoughts to the mind”. She is suddenly disturbed by a scraping sound.She tries to locate the source of this faint sound …and she traces it to – a beetle, eating away the wood of her second favourite chair. She curses the beetle with all those curses that a little kid can think of. But being scared of evil beetles that bore holes into chairs, she beats a retreat and goes back into the house.

Episode #3

The next morning, at 6:45 a.m , we find Nidhi sitting in her favourite chair reading the favourite segment of her newspaper. She hears a buzzing sound and looks up to her find her darling beetle. She takes to watching it for a while. And suddenly, she notices the beetle flying over to her second favourite chair…to the hole that the evil beetle had bored yesterday night. She looks on in horror as her beetle goes into the hole and comes out again. With a sinking feeling she realises that her beloved beetle was the one who had bored the hole in the chair. She feels cheated . She felt so letdown that she tells her dad about the beetle and the hole.

That should have been the end of the story for the beetle. But her father, wanting to avoid unnecessary violence simply plugs up the hole with a cloth. A deeply hurt Nidhi looks at the beetle with disgust. The beetle comes again looking for its home …but flies around madly being unable to find it. Nidhi grins in glee. But then, being a sensible little kid, she rushes into the house fearing that the beetle may turn to her for revenge.

End of story.



About treasuretrove

I'm a 21yr old born and brought up in Kerala, India.
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